Succession and Exit Planning

Sooner or later, you have to prepare for change and for your exit.

Your business is thriving. You’ve invested blood, sweat and a lot of cash and decades later, you’re ready for the next chapter. Or maybe, you’re not ready for retirement—but it’s inevitable… at some point. Planning your succession and exit strategy is not without complications, personal considerations and angst. You can control your future on your terms: Alleviate the pressures and make clear-headed, fair decisions about your succession or exit that are not only right for you, but also right for the continuity of your business.

Succession needs may even arrive before your planned time horizon. Are you prepared in the event of an unexpected loss of a key executive? Your succession plan and exit strategy are important parts of the Strategies’ holistic approach to your business and legacy planning. Strategies thoroughly investigates your needs as a CEO or company founder as well as your company’s needs for the future—asking the right questions that allow you to make wise decisions. The investigation translates into a workable comprehensive plan—one that calculates everything from short-term “what ifs” to long-term personal goals, and allows for lasting liquidity.