Advisory Board Development and Management

Surround yourself with a purpose-driven team of experienced advisors who support you with balanced and objective advice.

Your closest advisors—lawyers, CPAs, bankers, estate planners—have a unique perspective of your business. Individually, their scope is powerful but limited; collectively, however, they possess a broadened view of your organizational standing and outlook that could vastly differ from their sole view and from your own. Creating and facilitating a purpose-driven and judicious advisory board and engaging your roundtable of advisors regularly can expose threatening pitfalls as well as open profitable opportunities—scenarios that can make or break your business.

Strategies will tailor your advisory board to your business needs—identifying, selecting and engaging the talented professionals who will comprise your advisory board. Your advisors may have previous experience with your business or their counsel may be beyond the scope of your current affairs, but all will come to the table with an objective perspective, expertise and focus on both the long-term and short-term needs of your business.

As part of the advisory board planning process, Strategies develops agendas and leads board meetings so you can engage fully as a meeting participant and can communicate unencumbered with your advisors. Advisory boards facilitate effective communication between owners and key executives, between multiple business partners and between family members engaged in family businesses. Strategies ensures that your advisory board provides a disciplined and accountable environment for ownership and management.