Advisor to Founder, Entrepreneur and Executive Management

Is it lonely at the top? Well, not anymore.

Rahm Emanuel, Andrew Card, John Podesta—serving as chief of staff and/or the advisor behind the leader, these individuals are confidants, cheerleaders, coaches and devil’s advocates. The right advisor alleviates the pressures and solitude of top-level decision making.

Strategies’ advisory and coaching services provide business owners and company leaders with a typically underutilized yet paramount business relationship. Your advisor becomes a source for objective, trusted and confidential advice. They are sounding boards who have real and seasoned business experience to help you think through, deliberate and navigate complex strategic and tactical moves—and keep you accountable for your decisions.

Strategies’ advising and coaching services comprise business, financial, personal and family matters. You will receive an all-access pass to your personal Strategies’ advisor as well as regularly scheduled one-on-one advisory and coaching sessions.