Strategies does more than just provide you with a particular service or solution. Strategies becomes your catalyst for change. While each client’s experience with Strategies is unique, there are three ubiquitous benefits—or milestones—that founders, entrepreneurs, and family business owners gain from working with Strategies:

  1. A positive SHIFT in the dynamics of your business;
  2. Which creates increased FOCUS on results;
  3. Enabling your business to EVOLVE in order to ensure success both now and in the future.

At Strategies, we serve as your trusted advisor and coach as we partner with you to clarify your vision, realize your goals and control your future.


Thank you for helping me prevent some serious mistakes
"I want to thank you and Strategies, Inc., for your unique approach for looking at business transition planning. I had discussed my transition plans with the usual advisors, my estate planning attorney, my external CPA, and my wife and adult children. I have to admit that I was unsure about paying your fee because I thought what else can these people add to the discussion. They do not know anything about me, my company or my family. Boy was I wrong. After interviewing my senior management and sales teams and my family, you knew more about the really important issues that I did.

You allowed me to see each of those individuals in a different light. As a result I have modified my business transition plans for the better. Thank you for helping me prevent some serious mistakes that I was about to make.

When you think about it, if you have worked all your life building a business, what could be more important than seeing that it is properly transitioned so that it has the best chance to survive and thrive for the benefit of your heirs? Yet I have many friends who have royally screwed up their business transitions. It is hard to make objective decisions about our children. Anyway, thanks again for your insightful perspectives.”

– [Howard B. Bowen, President, Ewing Oil, Inc.]

Guidance that heads off catastrophe
“Strategies, Inc.,…was responsible for helping (our privately held professional services firm) navigate challenging organizational issues. Under their guidance and thoughtful leadership, we successfully transitioned ownership and were poised to address head on the near impossible economic environment of the recent global recession with far less than potentially catastrophic difficulty. I would strongly recommend…Strategies, Inc., for any privately held company seeking to enhance organizational performance, interested in succession planning, or considering an exit strategy.”

– [Felix Gyi, CEO, Chesapeake Research Review, Inc.]

Experienced, professional demeanor
“Strategies has the experience to parse the issues and provide sound advice, as well as the demeanor to work effectively with successful business owners.”

– [Laurens “Mac” MacLure, President & CEO, RWD Technologies, Inc.]

Insightful perspective on complicated situations
"We are a growing company with a lot of opportunities in front of us. Strategies helped us take a big step forward through an intensive retreat in which we made some key decisions and isolated the challenges with clarity and a plan of attack. They are terrific at separating tactics from strategy, and appying insightful perspective on complicated situations. We're very much looking forward to a continued relationship with them."

- [Angelo Otterbein, President, Silverpoint, Inc.}

Change recommendations that have been spot on
“The Strategies team has been working with my firm, my family and me for a year. The primary objectives for this engagement have been succession planning for my company, retirement planning for myself, and preparation of my children for future ownership, governance and, in some cases, management roles. They also conducted an in-depth assessment of our company's management structure resulting in change recommendations that have been spot on. Mitch's knowledge and expertise has been incredibly helpful in navigating these potentially challenging areas.

Strategies, Inc. takes a holistic approach to family business planning. They addressed my concerns about the tax ramifications of estate planning in a broader context that includes my company's strategic plans, governance, management capabilities, and, most important, family relationships.

For those looking for a consultant to help you effect changes that will have a positive impact on your company and your family, Mitch Vandiver and his colleagues have my highest recommendation. They have had a substantial and positive impact for me.”

– [Bob Coleman, President, Coleman Oil Company]

Assembles and manages successful boards
“I had the pleasure of serving with Strategies on advisory boards of two of my clients. The experience was very beneficial to my clients and educational for me. They assembled an excellent board in each case and managed those boards extremely well. I would highly recommend them to any company or venture seeking access to expert input and guidance as they plan for their future.”

– [Steven Hosea, Co-Founder, Managing Principal, McNamee Hosea Attorneys & Advisors]

Creating accountability for family businesses
“Strategies is currently working with my top client. I have watched them help this client create a strategic plan, address multi-generational family/business issues and hold all parties accountable to action. Their process is both thorough and disciplined. The most valuable service that they are providing is creating accountability to action, driven by a sense of urgency created by these challenging economic times.”

– [Thomas Carroll, President, Diversified Insurance Industries, Inc.]

Value is significant, beneficial and effective
“Strategies is amazing in their desire and ability to thoroughly get to know their clients and their client's business. Their ability to quickly understand your company and speak your industry's language is truly immeasurable. The value Strategies brings is significant, beneficial and effective. In the difficult world of managing a business, knowing Strategies is on your team allows you genuine peace of mind.”

– [Deb Talley, Chief Financial Officer, PineRock Productions]

Sound and creative advice
“I am an attorney. Strategies provided strategic consulting services for a mutual client, on issues which our client had wrestled with for years. They were able to develop a sound benefits/management plan for our client and push it to completion. They also provided very sound and creative advice on numerous other issues. I would recommend them highly.”

– [Richard Robbins, CEO and Managing Member, Robbins Law LLC.]